Routines and breaking the routine

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Everything we do on stage can be considered a routine, whether it's sitting and talking, brushing our teeth or building a house. But these routines are each good for only a short amount of stage time. This workshop puts us in the habit of making these routines and then breaking them in order to build a richer dynamic of scenes.

Marc Cram


When Marc co-founded Blood, Love & Rhetoric’s improv comedy troupe in 2012, he brought 20 years of professional experience in the field with him. He got into improv comedy with his fellow classmates at Florida State University in 1992 because he believed that improv comedy was “more accessible to modern society than theatre had become." So he and his friends formed the Wham-O Players and upon graduating moved to Atlanta and co-founded Dad’s Garage Theatre Comedy in 1995.

For 10 years Marc was a regular in TheatreSports at Dad’s Garage while also performing at various theaters in the Atlanta area. In 1996, he wrote Zurich Plays with Brian Griffin. Originally produced in that year and then again in 1997, it was nominated for the Kennedy Center Drama Award and won a "Best Of The Fringe" award at the 2015 San Francisco Fringe Festival. Additionally he did voice acting for “The Brak Show” on The Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim and continues to do voice work in Prague. He then moved on to Europe, performing improv in Amsterdam and Vienna before settling in Prague. Marc debuted for Blood, Love & Rhetoric as the title character of Woyzeck in the autumn of 2012 and has since performed in Chess, The Physicists, Little Eyolf, The Homecoming, and How Much? Herna Bar: The Musical. His Zurich Plays, in which he plays Richard Huelsenbeck, is set for March 2016.