Physical Humor (ENG)

  •  Difficulty: Pro pokročilé se znalostí angličtiny
  •  Price:
    • od March 1, 2019: 1700
  •  Capacity: 2 free spots

The workshop will focus on practical tools that improvisers can use to enhance their performance: object manipulation, body exploration, timing, etc. Participants will also be presented with tools and games to inspire their improv play, and open their minds to more possibilities: playing with sound effects and movement, ‘camera’ effects, time and space manipulation, cartoon pantomime. Participants will learn how to view their bodies as a malleable, musical instrument of comedy. Explore the infinite possibilities of the body and the imagination. What sound does a broken heart make? If I iron this cat will he make a good sweater? Anyone with a love of animation and the absurd will enjoy learning how to create their own surreal universe.


Jim Williams

Hlavní lektor

Jim Williams grew up on a steady diet of American cartoons. As an awkward and shy teenager, he began training in mime to help gain control of his body and his confidence. In addition to mime, Jim later began studying theater and dance to help him towards his ultimate goal of becoming a human cartoon. He studied at Trinity/LaMaMa (NYC, USA), The National Theater Institute (Connecticut, USA), St. Petersburg Theater Arts Academy (St. Petersburg, Russia), and received his B.A. in Theater from Oberlin College (Ohio, USA). Over the years Jim has developed his own unique brand of performance through working with groups such as KAPOOT (Chicago, IL, USA), The Big Apple Circus Clown Care Unit (Chicago, IL, USA), and Interkunst (Berlin, Germany). His physical comedy act “Liquidmime”, a fusion of mime, clown, live sound effects, and puppetry, has won top awards at Poland’s comedy festivals and made several television appearances. As a stand-up comedian, Jim performs in both Polish and English, always using a lot of physicality on stage. Jim has been improvizing since his college days in the US, then later in Chicago, and now in Wroclaw as part of 3-WAY, the only English improv group in Wroclaw, Poland. Jim is part of the first clown team of Czerwone Noski Klown w Szpitalu (RED NOSES Poland) and currently works as a clown, as well as a coach/trainer.